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A Plan for You

If you have entered a doctor's office feeling like a piece of currency rather than someone in Dr. Davidsonneed of help, Dr. Teresa Davidson will surely be a welcome sight.

Her inviting personality and interest in you will immediately make you feel welcome and not alone in wanting a solution.

Dr. Davidson listens to what you say, examines you, and sets about to determine a proper course of action for your treatment. She will explain that to you, so you are not just guessing what she is talking about.

You soon have a health plan, proper treatment to fill that plan, and are quickly on your way to a better life.

Dr. Davidson only accepts those cases of which she is 100% certain that she can help. Don't worry about fees right now. Come on in for a new member examination (value $295) at no cost to you. Please mention that you visited our website to receive this new member offer.

Welcome to Our Office

Yes, we have comfortable seating and welcome you when you come in, but we'd rather you not spend your day sitting there waiting to be treated.

"My motto is find it (the problem), fix it, and then leave it alone and give it time to heal," Dr. Davidson says. "In our office, every patient is individually treated. This is a big reason we have such great success and get so many referrrals. We make sure we focus on our patients' needs and do NOT give every patient a "canned" treatment plan. And, since most of our practice is from referrals, we look forward to earning your trust and confidence so that you may tell others about us."